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Post-Conviction Law Attorney in Boston, Massachusetts

Post-Conviction Law

Just because you may have been found guilty of a crime does not mean that your rights are gone. Our country's legal tradition is renowned for its robust protections, and even those who have been convicted of a crime are entitled to their day in court.

Seek Fair Treatment Under the Law

Representing Your Best Interests

The team at Law Office Of Michael J. Traft understands that the legal process does not stop at conviction, and pledges to fight tirelessly to help ensure that your rights are protected. The professionals at Law Office Of Michael J. Traft provide post-conviction legal services, including:

  • Handling both state and federal appeals

  • Fighting for parole or sentence modifications

  • Advocating to have conviction records sealed or expunged

If you’ve been convicted of a crime, don’t settle for lackluster or inexperienced counsel. Call the team at Law Office Of Michael J. Traft today to fight for your rights.