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Illegally obtained evidence and other mistakes by judges cost defendants dearly. If you believe that your case was mishandled, you will want to consult with an attorney that has plenty of experience in criminal law appeals.

In Boston, MA, local individuals trust Law Office Of Michael J. Traft for quality legal services. We understand how these cases affect our clients’ lives, which is why we pull from all of our experiences, pursuing favorable outcomes. We review your case honestly and objectively, giving you the legal representation that you deserve.

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Appellate Lawyers You Can Count On

Criminal cases can be complicated. There are many laws and rules for the prosecution and judge to follow, and sometimes they misjudge cases. Fortunately, we have a justice system that accounts for these mistakes with appellate courts. In order to win an appeal, your case must be strong. And while not all rulings can be overturned, punishments can be lessened if they are found inequitable. Consulting with a lawyer who is familiar with appellate procedures gives you the greatest chance to reverse a judgment or lessen a punishment.

Depend on us to give your appeal a fighting chance. We work quickly to draft and argue your appeal, turning over every stone when building your case.

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