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Appellate Law Attorney in Boston, Massachusetts

Appellate Law

Mistakes happen. Unfortunately, when they happen to you in a legal case, the results can be quite damaging. Depend on Law Office Of Michael J. Traft to come to your assistance when you want to appeal your case. It’s important to appeal to a separate appellate counsel in Boston, MA, rather than your original attorney. We provide a fresh set of eyes and years of experience in the appeals process. Other reasons to rely on our appellate attorneys include:

  • Thorough Knowledge of Appellate Procedural Rules

  • Meticulous Review of the Record of a Trial Court Proceeding

  • Effective & Comprehensive Research of the Law

  • Well-Written Legal Briefs to Allow the Facts & the Law to Speak for Themselves

  • Oral Arguments That Focus on the Most Essential Points

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The Best Chance for Appealing Your Case

Get a fresh perspective on your case when you rely on our appellate counsel. By reviewing all the details of the original case and the court decision, we craft a successful strategy to reverse or change the order from the lower court. Because we possess great familiarity with the rules and procedures of the appellate courts, we are your trusted legal advocates – standing up for you and working hard to ensure a favorable outcome.

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