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Litigation Law Attorney in Boston, Massachusetts

Litigation Law

Our firm handles all types of general litigation cases in Boston, MA. General litigation refers to litigation, of course, but also other aspects of law which may or may not actually be litigious in nature. As lawyers who consider our clients much more than simply a case file, we are invested in the success and best outcome of your suit. We know the outcome may affect you and your family for many years to come, so we take our responsibilities as legal counsel very seriously. The following are a few of the general legal processes we typically engage:

  • Wills

  • Estate Planning

  • Business Incorporation

  • Contract Drafting

  • Real-Estate Transactions

  • Disputes With Administrative Bodies

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Our comprehensive legal skill includes the experience and training necessary to take our clients from the first step of the legal process to a successful last step. Our vast knowledge base allows us to offer broad-ranging legal advice you can count on. We can advise you on a range of issues, whether criminal or civil in nature. When an issue arises it may not immediately be litigious in nature, but with our firm on your side, you will be prepared for all eventualities. We provide legal representation for the following steps of the litigation process:

  • Initial Case Investigation/Assessment

  • Pleadings

  • Discovery

  • Pre-Trial

  • Trial

  • Settlement

  • Appeal

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